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Free Protection For Your Phone / 免费为你的手机保驾护航

Free Screen Protectors with Installation & Qixi Festival Prime Wheel Game / 手机屏保免费安装和七夕转盘活动

WHO can participate? / 谁可以参与?

- If you have an Amazon Account and you are a Prime Member.
- 只要你有亚马逊账号并且是Prime会员

HOW to participate? / 怎么参与?

Step 1: Show us your Amazon APP on your phone and your Prime membership
Step 2: Scan our Wechat QR code and add as a friend; or scan our Event QR code and send us the confirmation email. Participants will receive a "heart sticker".
Step 3: Show us the “heart sticker" and get the free screen protector with free installation at site (iPhone only). Participants will also have 1 chance to spin the "Qixi Prime Wheel" and get the prizes of the spin.

**Endliss Technology Inc. reserve all rights / 最终解释权归Endliss Technology Inc. 所有

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